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What is reflexology?
Reflexology refers to the reflexes that have been mapped out on the foot, hands and ears. There are many different reflexology charts that show where the reflexes are for every part of the body.


Reflexology is different than massage. It is thought that reflexology works through nerve endings whereas massage is applied to the muscles and soft tissue of the body. The actual technique is quite unique as it is meant to affect the reflex and not just the surface of the skin. A treatment should not be painful, though there may be uncomfortable or tender areas if your body is highly stressed. The more one applies pressure to those areas, the less tender they will become.


​Reflexology supports healthy:

  • nervous system

  • muscles and joints

  • digestion, gut health and elimination 

  • sleep patterns

  • mental and physical well being


Reflexology Session - what to expect

At a first session we will go through your in-take form and note any areas of concern regarding your general health and any feet issues. You'll get to soak your feet in a lovely warm bath with a drop of relaxing lavender oil. Then you will be made very comfortable lying on the treatment table with support and warmth of a soft blanket. Both feet will be worked using specific thumb and finger techniques over all of the reflexes on your feet. This takes approximately one-hour. Most people like to close their eyes and drift off to sleep while the therapy is happening. This is a wonderful way to make the most of your relaxing session!

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