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Testimonials - Structural Reflexology

Achilles tendonitis
After experiencing chronic ankle pain for many months - and after trying many sessions of physio but with no success - i was recommended Lisa @ Rejuvenate Reflexology. I can not sing her praises enough. I had 6 sessions and in that time my ankle pain has been very much reduced to occasional stiffness which is truly amazing. I have also had my dry cracked heels (which ive also been suffering with for years) improve greatly over this period. I highly recommend Lisa for not only an incredibly relaxing experience but also a significant improvement in my long suffering feet / ankles and calfs !!! Thankyou  


Plantar Fasciitis

Lisa is amazing. The pain I had from plantar fasciitis was debilitating. I have had 4 sessions and I am in no pain. I am so grateful.


Nerve pain in feet

I've only had one session with Lisa and would recommend her, as I am already feeling a huge improvement in my feet! I've had foot pain and fatigue for several months and nobody else has been able to make a significant difference or get to the bottom of the problem. Lisa is a wonderful and sensitive therapist, the treatment (involving massage, reflexology and mobilisation) was pleasurable, and the structural reflexology she practices is frankly way ahead of anything else thats on offer for foot pain. Starting with some simple diagnoses. Apparently the shoe size I've been advised to wear all my life is wrong, and is the main cause of my problems!!!


Plantar Fasciitis
I can't recommend Lisa enough! I just had my 3rd session this evening and my Plantar Fasciitis has completely gone. I felt huge improvement from the first visit. It's life-changing for me as I had suffered pain for over a year. I'm a dog walker so I didn't think I could ever be fixed. Lisa worked her magic and converted me to always walking barefoot indoors and wearing correct footwear. I will be eternally grateful.

Pain in top of foot

The relief and benefits from this were instant, I can imagine how a few more sessions will leave achieve long-term results, without a doubt. This is going to be my first port of call before any osteo or physio.

Tight calves during pregnancy

Glorious. I love having my feet + legs massaged and touched in most situations but the next-level care and attention Lisa took with all my little tiny bones and fascia throughout my feet was just the most relaxing thing (esp. at 40 weeks hapū where some relaxation is required!) I found her to be extremely knowledgable, passionate and willing to explain all the things she was feeling in my feet and answer all my questions. She gave me some great advice about the long term care of my feet (and thus body) as well. Plan to go back as soon as possible to get another round. Plus already telling everyone I know to go visit her asap; haha. Thanks Lisa.


Testimonials - Standard Reflexology

Deeply relaxing
I had a really deeply relaxing session with Lisa, and came away feeling nourished and embodied. Highly recommend! 


Relaxed & informed

OMG. The best. Felt so relaxed and informed. SO recommend and I'll be going back.


Gentle but effective
I would highly recommend Lisa's reflexology treatments. Lisa is a  natural at what she does. After a treatment with with Lisa, I always feel so much better. Her reflexology helps me with stress management and deep relaxation. I find her techniques to be gentle yet profoundly effective. 


Professional & friendly

Wasn't sure what to expect, but found Lisa very professional and friendly. I'm amazed with her knowledge and experience. Wonderfully relaxing and will be doing this again


Centred and relaxed
The reflexology treatments I had with Lisa helped get me through a really stresssful time in my life. Her gentle professional manner was so calming and caring. The attention to deal and Lisa's creation of a nurturing space will leave you feeling centred and relaxed. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa.


I felt so relaxed and nurtured after Lisa's treatment, really wonderful! Loved it!!! 



Lisa is fantastic. Really targeted and focused on what I needed. It was a relaxing experience. I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing.


Soft touch
Lisa is so knowledgeable and has such a soft touch. Very relaxing. 


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