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Client Outcomes - Standard Reflexology

Is reflexology going to 'work' for you?
This is a real and valid question. Firstly, everybody will receive benefit from reflexology through its very nature of nerve stimulation. Secondly, every *body* is different, and how your body responds will be unique. What I have found is that those who commit to several sessions experience a noticeable difference in how they feel and very often their issue gets resolved. Here are real examples of Lovely People who I have given reflexology to... 


Brain Fog
Lovely Person with brain fog, difficulty concentrating received reflexology fortnightly for 3 sessions. After the 1st session LP found she was getting more done and appeared brighter and more relaxed. By 3rd session LP said she was definitely feeling more 'onto it', getting more work done and reflexology was definitely making a difference.



Lovely Person feeling deep grief with the loss of a parent. While she had 'processed' a lot of the emotional turmoil over many months, she was physically feeling sluggish and low. At the end of the session she felt remarkably 'different and light'. Another session wasn't needed: in the ensuing days she felt completely lifted out of that low place and physically buoyant and full of energy. Wonderful!


Coeliac discovery
Lovely Person feeling tired and exhausted, also having experienced the loss of a parent overseas. While working over the digestive reflexes, I noted signs of irritation and mentioned this to LP at sessions 1 & 2, but she wasn't feeling like there were any digestive issues. Still feeling tired months later, a visit to the GP and targeted tested showed coeliac disease. Interesting! And liberating! LP returned after a few months on her new gluten free diet, looking alert and bright - and her digestive reflexes were smooth and free from irritation. LP comes several times a year for relaxation. (While reflexology is not used as a diagnostic tool, anecdotally it can be useful in bringing awareness).



Lovely Person looking for relief from migraines which have been present most of her life on a weekly/fortnightly basis. LP committed to at least 3 sessions on a monthly basis so we could see if reflexology would make a difference. We noted an improvement in the ensuing month after each session - a reduction in frequency and intensity of migraines. This LP is continuing with reflexology to see if we can gain even more improvement.

Lovely Person experiencing stress and low mood due to a busy life of parenting and work. LP felt so relaxed and at ease after the 1st session, coming for another few sessions was an enthusiastic decision. While still having to deal with a lot in her life, LP commented about the effect of reflexology: "I do feel better." 



Lovely Person experiencing hiccups after most meals. Working over the stomach reflex (on the foot) was extremely tender for him. We had monthly sessions over 4 months. He was pleasantly surprised to find his hiccups had disappeared and interestingly for me, the stomach reflex was no longer painful. 


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